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Physical Therapy

Dealing with pain or a nagging injury? We take physical therapy to a new level with a patient centered approach and unmatched care unlike anything you experience in a traditional healthcare setting. No time is wasted in getting you back better than ever as every session is 1 hour long and you're one on one with the Doc the whole time.

Arm Care

A combination of hands on techniques, mobility work, and customized strengthening to keep your arm operating at 100% all season long. Designed for throwers but can benefit any overhead athlete.

Consulting Services

Get an expert opinion on strength and conditioning with an emphasis on injury reduction for your gym, workplace, or team!

Maximum Performance Coaching

Customized training plans to take you to the next level of performance and reduce the risk of injury. With our training plans, you get feedback and guidance as often as you need it through the True Coach application. It won't be some cookie cutter training plan but instead a plan that is made to fit you and your goals. Offered as a remote service or a hybrid of in-person and remote.


Interactive workshops that can be done in any setting! A variety of topics are available and guests will learn techniques and strategies to feel better and perform at a higher level. Contact us to find out more. 

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