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Yep, you read that correctly. Everything listed on this page is absolutely free. 

Baseball Pitcher

5 Drills All Throwing Athletes Should Do

Are you a baseball or softball player? How about a quarterback? If so, you don't want to miss this video series with 5 essential drills to improve your throwing ability while also reducing your chance at getting hurt. 

Coming Soon!
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The Ascension Scratch Golfer's Daily Mobility Guide

Don't let stiffness or pain limit you out on the course! Our daily mobility guide is complete with video tutorials of all movements. Less than 10 minutes per day to improve your game and feel better while playing? You can't beat that. 

Image by Sven Mieke

Optimize Your Squat


The squat. It's one of the best exercises there is. This e-book will give you the tools to self assess and optimize your squat. It's also filled with mobility drills and accessory strengthening exercises to take your squat to the next level.

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Two Docs Talking Golf Podcast

Listen in as Dr. Tyler Kinch of The Revolution Rehab and I talk to those working to elevate the game of golf to another level. 

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