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Hear What Others Have to Say

"I have worked with Ryan for over a year now. In my teens I had hip surgery and ACL reconstructive surgery. Over the last 10 years, I have constantly battled swelling, aching, and overall discomfort. Since having Ryan do my programming, I have seen tremendous progress in my overall struggles with previous injuries. He really takes the time to know the injury and can provide realistic rehabilitation that works! I have recommended him to several family members and friends. His knowledge makes him the perfect person to provide the support for injuries while also training in strength performance sports."

Alexis, North Carolina

"I saw Ryan about a hip issue I had been having for 4 years and have to say I was very impressed with the success I have had. I had difficulty with engaging in my sport and keeping fit. Ryan took the time to listen to my story and evaluated my hip to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. He was able to explain where my pain was coming from and how I could get rid of it. After we finished treatment, Ryan built me an exercise program to ensure I recovered completely. He was fantastic from start to finish and I couldn't recommend him highly enough."

David, North Carolina

"I've been working with Ryan Abarno at Ascension Rehab and Fitness for over a year with assistance and coaching within the sport of Powerlifting. I would highly recommend his services as he has helped me to rehabilitate reoccurring injuries that have hindered progress. We have successfully teamed together to have my last two competitions result in peak performances that were most importantly injury free. Ryan is extremely clear, patient, responsive and provides education behind his methodology of programming and rehab/pain management."

Josh, North Carolina

I originally came to Ryan for a squat lean issue. I had developed a lean from low-bar squatting that translated to back pain and knee pain. We've made huge strides in tackling my imbalances and pain which has led me to squat & deadlift new PRs. I can also walk pain free now (no knee irritation). Ryan designs my training cycles to consider my powerlifting goals as well as exercises that work towards strengthening other areas. Ryan is easy to work with and communicate with. He is very talented in diagnosis while understanding the big picture. The warm-ups, stretches, and drills that he assigns are all practical and the feedback is immediate.

Will, North Carolina

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